The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

-Albert Einstein

If Albert Einstein was right, then our 50 years of experience has built us a huge warehouse of knowledge-and we’d like to share it with you.

WK Communications (We Know Communications) is a full-service advertising agency. We create the right message to increase market share through the strategic placement and negotiation of media and programming content.

As a boutique agency, think of WK Communications as an extension of your team.

In very simple terms, We Know what works. We Know how to create it. We Know how to manage it. We Know how to negotiate it. And, We Know how to get more for less. We Know how to help you grow your business and we are ready to start now!

Call us, email us, text us…and let us share what WE KNOW with you.

Our Services


Create, write, edit and produce your message. Production of corporate videos, podcasts, and radio shows like "The Wise Investor Show".

Automotive Compliance / Co‑Op

Experts in Compliance and Co-op. We take care of the whole process. Customized advertising that makes your dealership stand out from the competition.


Identify what works best to grow your business both geographically and demographically.

Media Placement

Strategic placement and negotiation of media. Emphasis on efficiency across all platforms.

Traditional Media

Radio, broadcast TV, cable, print, direct mail, and sports sponsorships.

Digital Media

Programmatic and Geographic targeting, banners ads, video ads, Facebook, You Tube, Google, Pre-roll, Over The Top (TV Content), Email Marketing, Mobile advertising, text messaging marketing, video‑on‑demand.


Whether creating one or making your existing one better. We can help!

Experiential Marketing

Go grass-roots. Take your business on site to develop customers through county fairs, malls, galas and special events. WK will identify which events in the market make sense for your business and then develop the strategy behind it.

Samples of Our Work

Who We Are

Jeff Wagner


Candice Stankus


Super Hero-Graphic Design Team

Elise & Alex

Graphic Design Team





Mike & Justin

Social Media & Programmatic Digital Team


Alex & Stan

Production Team—TV & Radio

Member, Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador, Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce

Our Clients/Industry Expertise

Automotive • Retail • Banking • Education • Utility • Food • Finance

WE KNOW how to help you stand out in your industry.