Media: Some people may lead you to believe that buying media is more difficult than launching rockets. Like anything else, if you haven’t done it for a living, it can seem overwhelming. Worse yet, if you don’t know what you are doing, mistakes could prove to be extremely costly for your company and portray the wrong message to your customers.

We have the expertise that you need in message, selling and buying media. On the selling side of the table, we worked with the most talented media people in the country and have learned some pretty good tricks of the trade. That experience, along with all of the inside knowledge we gained while leading and working with successful sales teams, has given us a unique perspective when it comes to buying media.

The result? We have a proven track-record of delivering smart and efficient media plans for our clients! Whether it’s radio, TV, print, out-of-home or digital, WE KNOW how to plan, buy, monitor and post your media schedules better than most. In short, we’ll stretch your media budgets farther than you ever imagined.

Automotive Advertising: We drive the process from compliance through production and co-op across multiple automotive brands. Helping you grow market share within your brand, while conquesting from the competition, is our priority. We are well versed on compliance and co-op from beginning to end in all aspects of Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 expertise.

Health Care Marketing: Patients have a choice in health care. We specialize in making your practice their #1 choice. From telemedicine to testimonials, let’s tell the story of why patients get the best care and treatment from you!

Sports Marketing: Sports marketing requires a “team” effort from the agency and client. An investment in Sports Marketing can be one of the most valuable partnerships a company can make. Aligning yourself with this loyal customer following allows you to increase your frequency to those who matter most to your business.

With extensive sports marketing careers under our belts, and many years of negotiating some very complicated sports marketing contracts, WE KNOW how to get the most out of sports sponsorship investments. And we do it while maintaining the goodwill of an existing client/team relationship. We’ll help you understand the cost and value of you sports investments first, and then negotiate a sponsorship that meets your companies objectives while maintaining a positive relationship between the overall cost and value of the package.

We’re veteran players who know this game well. If you’re thinking of making a deal with a team or sports media partner, consider putting us in your lineup first.

Research: Every industry has its acronyms, but the advertising business takes the cake. CPP, CPM, VPVH, AQH, CUME, P1, P2, ADS, EBI, RTG, SHR, R&F, DMA, C-DMA, VOD, STB’s, CTR, CVR, eCPA, eCVM…should we keep on going? It’s not brain surgery but it can get complicated. Fortunately, WE KNOW how to keep it simple. We’ve spent many years working with all of the industry research tools like Arbitron, Nielsen, Scarborough, Sqad, Sparc, Polk, Simmons, and many many more.

WE KNOW research. WE KNOW what’s real, We know what’s “spin” and WE KNOW how to pull all of these research tools together to deliver measurable results for your company.

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