Candice Stankus

Candice Stankus brings 20 years of broadcast, radio and cable experience to your business. As an expert in Automotive advertising, Candice knows the ins and out of compliance and co-op through Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 advertising. When it comes to developing a brand and helping doctors’ offices and hospitals grow their patient portfolio, Candice knows how to get it done. News topicals, TV commercials and special promotions, including Expo and conference planning are among the many talents Candice brings to WK Communications. From developing and hosting the original try-outs in the DC area for FOX’s hit show “American Idol”, to producing long format TV shows like “America’s Polo Cup” for The CW and “Ambush Makeover” for NBC, she is an expert in live events. Brand awareness and media placement? Candice will make sure your message gets to the right audience.

A graduate of American University, Candice splits her time between DC and Palm Springs with her husband and son.