Digital Media

Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, You Tube…just a few ways to put your message in front of your audience as they are consuming media online.
  • Create static and video ads to engage your consumer
  • Have the ads served to those who are interacting most
  • Reporting will help us know which ads are performing with best results to optimize those campaigns

Programmatic Targeting

  • Reach the audience who makes the most sense for your business both geographically and programmatically. In other words, instead of placing advertising on a specific website, let’s follow your audience on all the sites they visit most.
  • Save money buy reaching the people who matter most, not reaching all the people
  • Tailor your message to the audience with creative repetition.


  • Whether creating one or making the existing website better, we can help you write it! Content is key
  • Make the graphics stronger while advertising on your own website. Customize graphics or change them every month to freshen the site. Have a coupon or sale going on, let’s tell people on your website!
  • Social Media: how and why all media should be linked together


  • Make your website work for you. Use key terms to help you show up organically
  • Complement these high organic search results with paid search so your business is always on the first page for search terms
  • Improve your ranking!