Every industry has its acronyms, but the advertising business takes the cake.  CPP, CPM, VPVH, AQH, CUME, P1, P2, ADS, EBI, RTG, SHR, R&F, DMA, C-DMA, VOD, STB’s, CTR, CVR, eCPA, eCVM... should we keep going? It’s not brain surgery, but it can get complicated.  Fortunately, We Know how to keep it simple. We’ve spent many years working with all of the industry research tools like Arbitron, Nielsen, Scarborough, Sqad, Sparc, Polk, Simmons, and many more.

We Know research.  We Know what’s real, We Know what’s “spin,” and We Know how to pull all of these research tools together to deliver measurable results for your company.